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The XVIII Biennial International Workshop on the Smuts and Bunts

February 3rd to 5th 2014 at the Tune Kursuscenter near Copenhagen, Denmark.

Registration is open. The registration fee includes the workshop fee, 2 nights in a single room, breakfast, lunch, diner, and coffee/water/tea.


If you have questions or suggestions you are welcome to contact Philipp or any other member of the organizing commitee:

Local organizing committee

Name Institution E-mail
Søren K. Rasmussen (Chair) University of Copenhagen
Anders Borgen Agrologica Consulting, Mariager
Philipp Steffan (Secretariat) University of Copenhagen


Scientific Advisory Board

Name Institution
Hermann Bürstmayr BOKU Vienna, Austria
Bent J. Nielsen Aarhus University, Denmark
Gunter Backes University of Kassel, Germany
Anders Borgen Agrologica Consulting, Mariager, Denmark
Søren K. Rasmussen University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Veronika Dumalasova Crop Research Institute, Prague, Czech Republic
Denis Gaudet Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada


Biobreed is a collaboration between The University of Copenhagen and Agrologica. It is financed by The Danish Food Industry Agency, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fishery.