COBRA Book of abstracts – NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Libri     The European research project COBRA (Coordinating Organic plant Breeding Activities for Diversity) aims to unleash the potential of plant genetic diversity for organic agriculture by linking up efforts on both pure line breeding and Hi-D systems. The project, led by the Organic Research Centre (UK), started in March 2013 and brings together 41 partner organizations from 18 countries.

COBRA focuses on four major arable crops: wheat, barley, pea and faba bean.


It will address five specific areas:

(1) seed health;

(2) response of crops to multiple stresses;

(3) improvements in breeding efficiency for organic systems;

(4) structural issues such as funding for breeding and the regulatory framework;

(5) networking and coordination.

This book of abstracts describes the background to the project and introduces its unifying concepts.

Download the book of abstracts:

COBRA Book of abstracts