Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft (LfL)
“Excursion to the dwarf bunt of wheat susceptibility field trials, Wolfersdorf near Freising”

23rd June; 4th July, Wolfersdorf 

Report on fields day of our sub-task in WP 1
Robert Bauer, Benno Voit, Berta Killermann

Field day on 23rd June, 2014

On June 23rd, a group of the organic food association “Bioland Bavaria” came to visit our field trial in Wolfersdorf, near Freising (Upper Bavaria) to catch up on the actual results of our research activities on dwarf bunt of wheat. The group, the majority being organic farmers affected by common and/or dwarf bunt diseases, was very interested in possible practical measures (different crop rotation systems, susceptible varieties, biofumigation, stable manure, …) to be able to fight these diseases.

The COBRA field trial based on a naturally infested field offered the possibility to demonstrate differences in susceptibility of wheat varieties against dwarf bunt of wheat. The farmers confirmed that the knowledge about the different susceptibility of varieties give a useful tool to deal with the bunt problems by growing less susceptible varieties.

P1020891 ok COII

Field day on 4th July, 2014

On July 4th, during the field days for ecological farming of the Bavarian State Research Center of Agriculture, different excursions were organized for visitors to get an impression of the current research activities being conducted with respect to ecological farming. The group meeting at the dwarf bunt field trials in Wolfersdorf, near Freising (Upper Bavaria) consisted of researchers as well as farmers. During the discussion that followed the presentation of the field experiments, the importance of a combination of the appropriate cultivation management (“good agricultural practice”), the selection of tolerant or less susceptible varieties as well as breeding programs against bunt disease was emphasized.