State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute
“Field day in Priekuli”
17th July, Priekuli


The field day was organised at State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute (Latvia) on 17th July 2014 to demonstrate various field trials carried out by the institute and to present results from previous years trials. The second part of the day was devoted to organic farming. Among other field trials also the joint Latvian-Estonian-Danish spring barley trial for COBRA was shown and overall information about the project was presented.

020Field day at State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute, July 17th 2014. At the COBRA spring barley trial during presentation of information about COBRA project to the interested farmers and specialists.


Joint Latvian-Estonian-Danish spring barley trial in organically managed field, Priekuli, Latvia


Barley accessions artificially infected with loose smut in previous year: the disease symptoms can be observed in the next year after inoculation.