Update from Saatzucht-Donau_2014

Dr. Franziska Löschenberger 
Wheat breeder
Saatzucht Donau GmbH & CoKG

We mainly contribute with genetic material that might be bunt resistant. BOKU is analysing it on the field for bunt resistance and in the lab with molecular markers.
In autumn 2014, we have selected  28 putative bunt resistant lines carrying the Bt10 gene, which are derived from the American variety Weston. Analysis was done by the help of BOKU, by Almuth Muellner, the responsible PhD student for the work on wheat bunt working in Hermann Buerstmayr (Task 1.2 leader)’s group.
These 28 lines are now grown for the second year of field test on organic and conventional fields in the East of Austria.
Possibly, one or two of the lines might enter official test on organic for variety registration in September 2015.

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