Field days

Field days organized by partners in each country represent an useful tool in order to facilitate   information exchange, discussions and networking on organic plant breeding issues.

Open field days are addressed to the stakeholder groups, consisting of breeders, scientists, advisors and farmers from Europe with experience and expertise in organic plant breeding.

In addition to other kind of knowledge transfer activities (workshops, meetings, skype calls…) open field days aim at:

– offering to breeders, farmers and external researchers more interactive and effective specific training courses on the outputs from WP experiments;

– monitoring the general direction of the project checking directly on the field the feasibility and the progress of the experiments;

– identifying new developments in the field that may impact on project outcomes;

– promoting the dissemination of project findings.

Generally, the field days take place in a period of the year when the main crops can be easily observed on the field.

In 2013 and in 2014, many partners organised field days between May and July.